Cycle routes and greenways Vallée de l'Isle

aire de pique-nique Vélo route voie verte de la Vallée de l'Isle Dordogne - Périgord

Bike ride on the Veloroute
Voie Verte Vallée de l'Isle...

By foot, by bike, on roller skates, you will gaze at the river Isle all along the Valley. There are wonderful views from the bike bridges and rest areas for a well deserved break.

You have to follow green and white signs and you will discover wonderful landscapes, natural areas, historical sites (churches, castles, abbeys, chartreuse), industrial heritage (mills, canal, natural lime quarry, soil of Beauronne) and finest gastronomic sites of Périgord (producers et restaurants).

From Périgueux (Trélissac) until la Gironde (Le Pizou) toward Bordeaux, the Vélo route voie verte of the Vallée de l’Isle is about 100 km.

Vélo route voie verte de la Vallée de l'Isle Dordogne - Périgord

What is the difference between
vélo route and voie verte ?

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Greenways are perfect for cyclists and walkers: they are reserved for non-motorized traffic: walkers, cyclists, rollerbladers and people in wheelchairs of small motorized devices..They’re along river or canal towpaths, abandoned rail lines, lakeside, coastal paths, forests, seafront promenades, city parks and near large cities. Greenways are safe for family bike rides.

Veloroutes are on small roads with light traffic, rural roads, cycle tracks and greenways. They are medium to long distance from connected two cities or regions and are signposted.that the route is appropriate for your level of experience. Veloroute may follow higher traffic roads so they may be better suited to experienced cyclists.

le long du canal Vélo route voie verte de la Vallée de l'Isle Dordogne - Périgord

Our favourites….

  • The part from the outdoor activities centre in Neuvic until the Mauriac lock, you have 4,5 km voie verte along the river with a beautiful view of the Mauriac Castle.
  • The bike bridge in St Astier then the ride along the canal until Montrem.
  • Crossing hamlets between Sourzac and Mauriac and the bike bridge Sourzac/St Louis. You can visit the Sourzac church !
  • The part St Louis en l’Isle – St Front de Pradoux along the river under poplars hedge.
  • The bike bridge to go the natural site Moulin du Duellas (guided trips from May until October).

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passerelle Vélo route voie verte de la Vallée de l'Isle Dordogne - Périgord

Map of the Véloroute Voie Verte
Vallée de l'Isle

he Map is available for free in the tourist offices of Vallée de l’Isle (Périgueux, Saint-Astier, Neuvic, Mussidan and Montpon-Ménestérol).

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