Au Rayon de Miel

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Bruno and Emmanuelle, passionate beekeepers, invite you to discover their honey house to learn all about bee breeding, honey and royal jelly production.
Tasty honeys of bramble, lime, acacia, chestnut, forest, wild flowers, royal jelly, pollen, candies, gingerbread, wax await you. What to reconcile greed and health!
Guided and free visit, followed by a tasting, Thursday at 4 p.m., from 07/15 to 08/19, reservation imperative.
Guided tour and free in English on Tuesday at 10:30 am from July 20 to August 17 (by reservation).
Sale of honey on site all year round, gourmet shop.
Groups: visits all year round by appointment.


  • Au Rayon de Miel 3165, route des Plateaux 24110 GRIGNOLS


Opening period(s) : From 01/01/2023 at 31/12/2023
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