Bourgnac is located in the Vallée de la Crempse at 4km from the highway exit A89 (Mussidan exit), 22km in the North of Bergerac and 28km from the airport.

Bourgnac, village through by waterway of the Crempse, shaded stream and crosses old mills. Bourgnac is the land of sources.

It is possible to discover the Vierge du Rocher, Notre-Dame de Bon Secours; the pilgrimage took place on September 8. The Virgin offers a point of view on the Vallée de l’Isle and granted the prayers of countless people, according to all the recognition plates surrounding its base.

Bourgnac is known for its geocaching and its 11th century church. Its choir which dates from the 12th century offers to the art lovers some curious sculptures.

On a map representing France between 1756 and 1789 ”the carte of Cassini”, it is possible to see the writing ”Bourgniac”. It’s still this name that appears in the laws bulletin of March 1829. It is reported that the village was detached from the canton of Villamblard to be attached to the one of Mussidan.


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