Echourgnac, called the capital of the Double, is the last commune in the north of the canton of Montpon and is marked by its forest territory and ponds. This commune of about 420 inhabitants is home to a monument dedicated to Dr Piotay and Baron d’Arlot de Saint-Saud (local landowners) who participated in the reclamation of the land of the Double, reputed to have been inhospitable for a long time with its insalubrious swamps. They also allowed the Double to open up to the modern economy.

A perfect example of Doubleaude architecture is present in the commune of Echourgnac: the Parcot Farm, open to visitors, property of the Dordogne Departmental Council, perpetuates the local agricultural life of the 19th century through objects, furniture, or tools.

Notre-Dame de Bonne Esperance abbey is a Cistercian abbey where nuns live and produce monastic products: traditional cheese, jams…

An agricultural show of the communes of the Double is organized every 4 years.

There are two Terra Aventura courses in the town: Zouti à la ferme du Parcot and Zarthus dans le bourg.


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