Located 8km north-northwest of Montpon-Ménestérol, the commune of Eygurande-Gardedeuil is situated in the Forêt de la Double. Its territory, crossed by the Duche and its tributary the Petite Duche, is largely forested.

The village is located along the departmental road 730.

The Double is a land of the Périgord, Angoumois, Saintonge and Bordelais. The origin of its name, Sylvia Edobola, Saluts de Dobla, the Double is still a mystery added to the region still wild, not enough population and unknown. This country has never had an administrative unit: once shared between several provinces, it now extends over the departments of Dordogne, Charente-Maritime and Gironde. The Forêt de la Double is a vast forest area of more than 50 000 hectares, covered with pine, oak and chestnut trees. The streams passing through the commune are often dried up in summer, but there is still water in the depths called “gourgues”. They are home to eels and European pond turtles.

A chapel dedicated to Notre-Dame des Victoires is present in the commune at a place called Gardedeuil. It was consecrated in the 12th century.

Rebuilt in the 15th century, Gardedeuil used to be a parish and the seat of a priory. Today it is a simple section of the parish of Eygurande.

Saint-Leonard is sculpted on the altarpiece with his arms full of chains.

In 1898, a great demonstration took place in Gardedeuil in honour of Notre-Dames des Victoires. A bronze reproduction of the Madone de Paris was placed on the gable of the bell tower and became Notre-Dame of Gardedeuil.

As for the name Gardedeuil, it is likely that it should be translated from the patois “Garda Déou”, God keeper, Notre-Dame de la Garde de Dieu.


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