Le Pizou

Le Pizou, rural commune of 1251 inhabitants are situated in Dordogne, to the limit of the Gironde department. Its great situation, near communication ways of the Vallée de l’Isle allows it to be in proximity with agglomerations and touristic places of Dordogne and Gironde. (Pomerol: 25km, Saint-Emilion: 35km, Périgueux: 56km, Bergerac: 51km, Bordeaux: 70km).

The village history sums up in itself the history of our Périgord and can be read it in the history of its church.

Le Pizou, passage place of Gallo-Roman way and thanks to a passage since the night of the time allowing to cup the Isle River, changed now by the bridge of Fonrazade.

The first church of Le Pizou was built in 830 and destroyed in 900. Rebuilt in 1107, the parish took the name of Saint-Martinus de Pizonis. Burned during the religious wars, the church was rebuilt in the 17th century. A priory is also mentioned in Le Pizou in the 12th century. It was used as a stage for the pilgrims of the Saint-Jacques de Compostelle plan between Aubeterre and Bazas.

The more recent life of Le Pizou is marked by the industrial and iron and steel activity that developed in the 19th century. The remains of an important forge still exist in Coly. A steel company still exists in the town.

The commune has managed to keep an active commercial and artisanal fabric: doctors, pharmacy, school, post office, media library, nurses’ office, food shops, and all the building craftsmen are present in the commune.

The wealth of Le Pizou is also connected to its dynamic association life.

Several cultural, sports and animation associations dynamize the life of Pizounais.

During summer, “Festines” allows the population to meet up on the village place around farmers in a convivial and festive ambiance.

A hiking circuit about 9km allows to discover the village and the river: click here for the map.

A circuit “Cœur de Village” about 1h30 allows to discover the history of Le Pizou between forges of Coly and the Monument de La Plaine, high place of the World War II. Click here for the map.


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