The history of Moulin-Neuf is exemplary. The small united commune that we know today, was yesterday a lot of hamlets tossed from one parish to another, serving as a bargaining chip to the small neighbouring towns. At first, it was part of the parish of Le Pizou with the Isle River as a barrier that was difficult to cross. It was attached to Villefranche de Lonchat with which it had no common border, and was then given to Minzac, which cared little for it. This is how the inhabitants had to fight alone to exist, until the creation of the commune in 1906.

The commune owes its name to the existence of a mill built in 1620 near the Isle; it was destroyed by floods in 1826 and deleted in 1827 for navigation needs.

The commune of Moulin-Neuf is situated in the canton of Villefranche de Lonchat, canton of Bergerac, Gironde department.

From Bordeaux to Périgueux, by taking the RD 6089 road, Moulin-Neuf is the first commune meted, the limit of Dordogne and Gironde department. It’s one of the doors of the department, crosses by an important road RN 89 (Bordeaux-Lyon) becoming the RD 2089.

Between the region of the Double in the North and the Landais in the South, we find the commune of Moulin-Neuf in the inferior basin of the Isle which serve as limit with the commune of Le Pizou.

Finally, it is in equal distance of Bordeaux and Périgueux (60km), 30km from Libourne, 50km from Bergerac, 22km from Castillon-La-Bataille…


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