Saint Sauveur Lalande

With a population about 150 inhabitants, Saint-Sauveur Lalande is the smallest commune in the canton of Montpon, but it has a high number of producers: foie gras, poultry, strawberries…

It also has the only half-timbered church in the department.

The Church of the Transfiguration is a Romanesque chapel from the 12th century. Originally built from a combination of stone and earth, it was enlarged by keeping the same materials.

It is in the 14th century that half-timbering will appear, used for its extension and its heightening, then, it will be covered by a plaster. The bell dates from 1785.

It is in 1998, that will reappear the half-timbering by their rehabilitation, and the roof in 2011.

The forest widely represented on the town is the Landais forest characterized by the presence of hardwoods: hornbeam, birch, cherry, gorse …

The traditional houses were once most often attached to a barn: there was a central part, a service door and side stables (cow stalls, hayloft).

Most of the time, the house had only two rooms with a fireplace, generally of small size. It had a stone sink, a separate bedroom was rare, a door at the back often opened onto a cellar or a potato store. These houses always had several fireplaces.

Between the 17th and 19th centuries, the population is poor, not enough inhabitants. The inhabitants try to live of agriculture, but grounds are too often in wasteland, vines are prone to frost.

Several animals: cows, pigs, goats, lambs, …

We find in the parish registers and the “Etat Civil” family names that are still present today in Saint-Sauveur.

Producers are present in this commune: La Ferme des Chantoux.

Gaec des “Olivier ».

A circuit “Coeur de village”, not marked out, allows to discover this pretty small village: click here to have the map.


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