Site de l’église – expositions Sourzac

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The site of Sourzac is worth the detour in many aspects: the enormous rocky outcrop on which rise the church, the dovecote and the presbytery is the result of the activity of the petrifying fountain.
Discover this natural site by following the water that runs at the foot of the promontory to the Isle River.
The 12th - 15th century church, listed as a Historic Monument and recently restored, welcomes admiring visitors facing the Stations of the Cross, the altarpiece and the priestly vestments.
Prehistory, History, anecdotes and exhibitions animate this beautiful ensemble formerly an abbey then a priory.
A free treasure hunt is offered every Tuesday afternoon from 2:30 p.m., from mid July to mid August, to do with the family!

Free site.
Free visit or possibility of a guided tour by appointment at 05 53 81 01 06


  • Site de l'église - expositions Sourzac Le Bourg 24400 SOURZAC


Opening period(s) : From 01/01/2023 at 31/12/2023
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