Maisons Doubleaudes

For the occasion of the 73rd “Félibrée” in Neuvic, a “Double place” has been arranged, by setting up “Doubleaudes” houses and a pond from two steps of the Greenway and Neuvic’s caviar. With the tips of Lilian Longaud, the exact copy of a house in the village Lagarde in Saint-Michel de Double has been realised by Gilbert Vergnaud, craftsman, specialized in this kind of construction.

One of the main characteristics of the Double is its habitat. The stone is non-existent, old houses was built with wood, stones and straw.

The Double nearly take half of Neuvic Canton. The mysterious forest “Sylva Edobola” from the XVIIIth century became, with work and willingness of its inhabitants a privileged region where we find true nature.

Permanent accessibility of the site, free access. Picnic tables.


  • Maisons Doubleaudes Route de la Veyssière La Croix Blanche 24190 NEUVIC


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