Beauregard et Bassac

Beauregard called “Belregard” in 1289. The name comes from the geographical position which means “Pretty view”. It was maybe the original name of an important building overlooking the Valley.

Beauregard was chosen for the implantation of a bastide during the 16th century.

Bassac called Bacaicum in 852. The name comes from the name of a Latin man who was called Bassius or Baccuis.

The two communes Beauregard and Bassac merge during the Revolution.

The limestone promontory of Beauregard-et-Bassac gives birth to the source of the Crempse which crosses a pretty launder Aux Cabanes.

The Halle from the 12th century in the village centre of Beauregard is beautiful. It welcomes festival dinner of the village.

It’s in Bassac that born in 1747 the cartographer Pierre de Belleyme, engineer and geographer of Louis XV, author of the map of Guyenne. Its name has been borrowed from him to call an association of local development including the leitmotiv is the animation of Central Périgueux.

Near 1990, an agricultural group created an irrigation network. It still works thanks to the reserve that constitutes the big pond of Bassac.

Departure from the city centre, take the way which cross the place of the village, between the castle of this old English bastide and the Halle from the 12th century. Various hiking circuit rich by territory. On this circuit you can find 8 fountains, 2 ponds, a chapel in Bassac, a dolmen…


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