Caviar de Neuvic

Caviar de Neuvic

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The estate, located in Neuvic in the Dordogne, covers 20 hectares bordered by two rivers: the Isle and the Vern.

It was on this estate that Caviar de Neuvic chose to create a fish farm dedicated to breeding sturgeon to produce its famous caviar.

With humorous commentary and unusual anecdotes, the guide will explain how our modern farming methods respect both the fish and nature.

He will reveal the passion that drives us when we care for the sturgeon and make the caviar.

You’ll be able to feed the fish and, with the equipment provided, stroke some large sturgeon.

The visit that follows will be enough to convince you that, with experience, farmed caviar has become better and healthier than the wild caviar that has now disappeared.


  • Caviar de Neuvic Elevage d'esturgeons & caviar 430 Route de la Veyssière La Grande Veyssière 24190 NEUVIC


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