Véloroute voie verte de la Vallée de l’Isle

Discover the Greenway bicycle route of the Valley Isle ! On foot , bicycle, Segway or skating , you can contemplate the Isle river that winds through the valley, enjoy the views from the majestic bridges that span the river , a stopover on the many rest areas. Following the small green signs , you will discover beautiful landscapes, natural areas , historic sites (castles, monasteries , churches, abbeys, cathedral) , the industrial heritage (mills , canals, lime quarries Beauronne earth) and highlights of the Périgord gastronomy (restaurants and caviar producers , trout , toast , foie gras, walnut oil, cabécou Perigord , honey, saffron , farm ice cream, vegetables ...) . This line alternates sections of greenways ( own site) and low traffic roads ( split- site).


  • Véloroute voie verte de la Vallée de l'Isle 24750 TRELISSAC
  • Animaux acceptés tenus en laisse.
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